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Johanna Fadul

The history of Efizé Suisse dates back to 1980 in Lucerne, Switzerland, when a specialist in beauty and health decided to open the first clinic focused 100% on beauty, achieving position at the international level thanks to its excellent techniques and revolutionary ideas.

After several years of study, research and practice, in addition to having tested all the world renowned brands within the beauty era, in the 21st century, three brothers of Swiss origin, obsessed with perfection and beauty, and who continued with the growth and innovation of the clinics started decades ago, maintaining their revolutionary ideas and ethical values, have the initiative to create a product that would forever change the beauty industry as it is currently known.

Recruiting the most eminent experts and specialists, setting up an extraordinary laboratory, and after hundreds of tests and trials, it was possible to create the first series of secret formulas of the aesthetic range, fulfilling the most demanding standards of diverse international dependencies, distinguished by their efficiency and high degree of quality, qualities that are characteristic of a work of Swiss excellence.

It is decided to use the trade name Efizé Suisse, a brand that has a reputation for unimpeachable and unquestionable excellence and that was initially only accessible to beauty centers, beauty clinics and more exclusive stores. Now, thanks to the expansion and globalization, the doors open to the knowledgeable public.

At Efizé Suisse we are committed to society and the environment, maintaining avant-garde practices that have led us to exceed the expectations of the most demanding clients.

We distinguish the high technology and the perfect balance, concentrating nature with the most powerful assets currently known.

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Efizé Suisse